Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Philippine Money Attribute

Oh my!Is this true??I see it,but oh well...only on play money..Yeah,I gladfully share to you everyone,I see all the philippine money designs..and so far,I like it!!ADMIRABLE too...

This are the events,and infos. for it...

Manuel L. Quezon
Malacanang Palace
Declaring Filipino as the National language 1935
Banaue Rice Terraces
Palm Civet(Alamid;Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus Philippinamis)

Sergio Osmena
General Douglas McArthur's Leyte Landing
Taal Lake
Maliputo(Carnax Ignobilis)

Manuel A.Roxas
Inaugural of the 3rd Republic July 1946
Central Bank of the Philippines
Mayon Volcano
Whale Shark(Butanding;Rhincodon Typus)

Diosdado P.Macapagal
Barasoian Church
Independence House(In Cavite)
Edsa People Power II 2001
Chocolate Hills
Tarsier(Tarsius Synchta)

Benigno S. Aquino Jr.
Corazon C. Aquino
Benigno Aquino's Monument
Edsa People Power I 1986
Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean River Park(In Palawan)
Blue Naped Parrot(Pikoy;Tanygnathus lucionensis)

Vicente Lim
Jose Abad Santos
Josefa Llanes Escoda
Centennial of Philippine Indepence 1998
Medal of Honor
Tubattaha Reefs Natural Park(Philippines' UnesCo World Heritage Site)
South Sea Pearl(Pinctad Maxima)

Well,this informations..I get on the imitation of the moneys only,OK...I am pretty sure We filipinos like this..
splendid,that we shine and give importance our own Culture..