Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Anime Movie on Big Screen

I don't think these past days i haven't taken any rest except from sleeping long. I requested to my mom that if i can go to Manila and watch an anime movie at SM Mall of Asia.(Again,gathering with my Detective Conan Forum Members,remember last June?) But in this moment,where not that complete. I can't go with them too,because i'm not that free because of my younger brother and father. Oh well,it was fun because i saw many many many Detective Conan Fans and Japanese people(but i'm not that sure if their was really Japanese,because i know that day was Philippine-Japan Friendship Day) and do not suffered with long line to the theater to watch it. And speaking of Detective Conan, yeah i do go to Manila and checked out Detective Conan Movie 14 :Lost in the Sky.
I admit, i watched it over 2 times but i was busy to finish, so i really skip parts that are not interested or really serious on but last Sunday,i watched it full! And for the 3rd time i watched on a theater!!>.<
Of course,when that day came i was really nervous knowing that Conan Screening was raining and on English Dub but I'm really thankful that not. It's more realistic when Anime comes on Japanese instead of English because i cannot imagine how slang they are(sorry 'bout that). I am only used with Animes featured on Japanese because i often watch it on Japanese Language of course. CD or PC.
By the way,the poster  took like this.

Yeah,it's quite like size with my normal posters. But this poster was kinda different. Because of English Characters.. Oh, i also like the word NOW SHOWING above it 'cause it's really experiencing theaterifically tensions. Yeah, i know it was kinda different with the Filipino Movies i watched because i only do laughing there but on this screening, Conan and others make me laugh,scream and LOVE LOVE. It's a kinda DOKI DOKI. 

Of course it was very free. I took an opportunity to take a photo with this poster. Thanks to my brother. Well,i brought my megane too. I used this megane about 2 hours until the movie finished and then after leaving the theater place. This guided me how to saw Movie 14 as a good movie. It's not quite bad and it's good because I've experienced great feelings. 
But i honestly say that, (my detective conan fans agree with) That watching Conan Movie is more interesting when you watch it on Theaters..そのようにことを言って同感してるよね?

Such as with this scene. My favorite scene with this Movie. Like when Conan say "Tsubasa, Tsubasa, Tsubasa wo shimae! TSUBASA WO SHIMAE" like that.
It was really interesting. But thanks for that day, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the experience,
My God. And thank you for Conan,you let me laugh and smile and made me not think of school for about 2 hours.I'm out now. 'til the next time. BYE.