Saturday, February 1, 2014

365 English Cover/Lyrics by Silv3rT3ar

Relax with me,Listen to songs,
Sleep in a bit and give a yawn,
All of your pains,laugh them away,
Be a big carefree,it's okay

Life might be hard and you might fall
You might cry but give it your all
If you just wait then you will see
Everything will end happily

I always cheer for you,All your wishes will come true

3-6-5 I'll be here for you
Every morning and night
Right here in your arms
3-6-5 Each time of the day,
Boy,I'm willing to be right here in your arms


3-6-5 Our hands together
365 will help each other 
365 in love forever

Don't Go English Cover/Lyrics by Silv3rT3ar

Your small wings are flattering 
As if they were waving
Seem like you were telling me to follow after you
Your sad eyes looked at me
As you told your story
It was the night that the wind blew you right into my heart

My mind keeps wandering;thinking of you
I'm the one that is completely captivated by you
It's like I'm mesmerized, Forgot to breathe,oh my
If this is love,I'm willing to go anywhere with you

It's like we're dancing,
When I'm with you,I'm not scared of anything,
Be it a second or eternity,
I know where I want to be

So baby don't go,
Take me anywhere with you and we'll walk together forever,oh
Oh,and when the world's ending,I'll be right by your side
Please don't leave,when the morning comes,
Please don't just disappear
Please don't leave,that you will always be right here,oh
It's as if I'm dreaming,don't fly away my beatiful buttlerfly

My beatiful butterfly~

Peter Pan English Cover by Silv3rT3ar

The old diary that's been long forgotten
I brush off the dust and remember your grin
Just like before
Your picture remains here; the memories appear

My heart beat speeds up like it did in the past
It's unfortunate that that time couldn't last
I begin to recall everything that I left behind

You're my Peter Pan
This world's so lonely without you
Let's go back to our Neverland
Our memories are there
All our laughter,smiles,everything's still there
You'll always be my Peter Pan
No matter how long I have to stand
I wait here for you
Because it's not the end,
I know I will meet you again