Thursday, February 3, 2011

Strongest Friendship:The Beginning [part 1]

One day,There was a kingdom named "Kazetoshi"..It is surrounded by the kingdoms,Juudiren,Senaihara and Gelhi Kingdom.
It is located at a country "Nihongote".
Our story begins with a girl named "Abegail",the princess of the Kazetoshi.The queen of the kingdom was named "Gina",and the king was "Leo" and she has a younger brother named "Vincent".Abegail has a good life from being a princess and she study from "KIMOTO HITO GAKUEN"[Liver people academy in english].
Once,Abegail had came to the school ,but she is so problematic with the Yearly Prince and Princess Party.Then she sit on her desk..Celina and Bryan,come near to her.

Celina:Good Morning!Abegail!
Bryan:Good Morning!Abegail!
Abegail:What is good on this morning?
Celina:Why?Is there a problem?
Bryan:Sou,Kanojo wo itte iru![Yes,She have!]
Celina:What is it?
Abegail:Bryan!Read my mind!
Bryan:Yes,she have a problem...With us?Heh?Naze?[Why]
Abegail:Wakaramashita?[Do You Understand?]I have it because why do you suppose to fight,on that thing?
Celina:*SIGHS*No one knows...
Abegail:I will let you guys,sorry...But this time,,I need to be alone,Only this time...I need to think..

Then the two,get off and then,come to their seats..

Bryan:Do you think Abegail-kun is problematic to that yearly's Prince and Princess Party?
Celina:Maybe?It's maybe because she hasn't have a partner,,so I think so?
Bryan:Dou sureba?[what if?]
Bryan:If we go to her home,later night?
Celina:Great Idea!Bry!Later Night! 7 PM..I think she would tell her problem to us....

~~~~END OF PART 1~~~~

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