Saturday, February 5, 2011

STRONGEST FRIENDSHIP:The Beginning [Part 1.3]

Then,after doing the spell.They seat and Abegail caught some snacks..

Abegail:Hai..Dozo...[Here,Please]Take a snack...
Celina/Bryan:Itadakimasu!![expression of gratitude before meals]
Celina:Ne,Abegail..Shinjitsu wo iu koto..[Say the truth]
Celina:Your problem is the Prince and Princess Party,Right?Which on next week...Friday...
Abegail:Jitsu ni,Sou..Bryan,Onegai..[Actually,Yes,Bryan,Please]

Bryan:Celina:You're correct!She has not picked any of partners..
Abegail:Heh,,,,Dou shi yo?[What should i do?]
Celina:Hmm..We can help you out by.....

Then,suddenly Celina feels something..

Celina:Huh*Curious*.....Do you feel and hear something?
Abegail:*Curious*Yeah,,it comes from the window..
Bryan:Uso!!!![Damn!!!!]They are murmuring!!!

The,someone knock..

Abegail:huh?nokku?[a knock?]

Abegail look on the door...Then,


Abegail look on Celina and Bryan.

Abegail:Heh??Ninja wa?Dare ga?[Ninjas?Who are?]
NB:Ninja Boy desu.
NG:Ninja Girl desu.
Abegail:Anata!![You!!]Let go of my friends!!!

~~~~End of Part 1.3~~~~

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