Saturday, February 5, 2011

Strongest Friendship:The Beginning [part 1.2]

On the Night,In the castle...

Abegail:Heh??Oh...I'ts 7 PM..Time for me to study...Heh?Nande?[What?]

Abegail look on the window....


Abegail:What are you doing here?
Star:We're here to say sorry....
Abegail:Come here...(Wow,,They faced it seriously?)Sword wa?(Where's Sword?)

Star look on the window and directed her fingers..and call Sword..

Star:Oi!Sword!Koko ni kite![Come up Here!!]Sword!!!Chotto Matte[Wait]!!Abegail...*agree*..*whisper*..Hm,,Star..

Star held a spell..

Star:Hoshi,Hoshi Kare wa Catch Up!!![Star,Star...Catch him up..!!]

Sword passed away the light.

Star:Koko ni kite!!![Come up here!!!]
Abegail:Hmm..*Curious**In mind*This couple would pervert,when how they only speak and come together,badly..
Star:What are you doing down there?
Sword:Uhm...Nothing!None of your Business!
Abegail:*in mind* SWORD!
Abegail:Ehehe,Kinishinai,Kinishinai![Don't mind,Don't mind]
Star:Baka![Idiot!]are you trying to transform,unaccompanied?It will never work!
Sword:Wakarimashita!Star-ojousama![Understand!Lady Star!]
Abegail:Ma,,jitsu ni,,Minna-sani wa henko nai dekimasen ka?[Well,Indeed,are you guys will not change?]
Star:Sou!Sou!Ikimashou![Right!Let's start!]Sword!

Star[Celina]started the spell.

Star:Matte!Matte!Henko wa!Watashi-tachi shin no jiga o sa rete kara watashi-tachi o kaeru!Onegai![Wait,wait,Change!Transform us from being our true selves!Please!]

~~~End of Part 1.2~~~

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